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Wild bird seeds, feeders & nest boxes for your garden
Bamburgh Country Products,
Newlands Farm,
North East England

  Bird Seeds, Bird Feeders & Nest Boxes from Bamburgh Country Products
Blue Tit
Would you like to see more birds around your house?

Do you like the idea of helping to boost Britain's bird numbers?

There is so much that anyone can do to encourage our small birds.
Great Spotted Woodpecker

Peckers Wild Bird Seeds 
Peckers Wild Bird Seeds
Sunflower & wheat mix with seperate supply of oyster grit calcium supplement for the widest range of birds
Bird Feeders
Bird Feeders
Hopper Feeder and Ground Feeding Table made from treated and stained softwood
Nest Boxes
Simple Boxes and Nest Pockets

Encouraging Garden Birds
A few tips on how to make the most of your Peckers Wild Bird Mix
and attract as many birds as possible to your garden.

Visit the Bird house ShopThe Bird House Shop
Visit our shop for your bird seeds, feeders & boxes as well as a range of locally produced hand-painted ceramics.

Bird Watching Hides at Bamburgh, NorthumberlandBird Watching Hides
Enjoy bird watching (and the wildlife & fauna) from hides on the farms at Bamburgh, Northumberland.

The Farm at Bamburgh, NorthumberlandThe Farm
Enjoy the many footpaths and bridleways through our working farm at Bamburgh, Northumberland.


Charles Cresswell has lived and farmed at Bamburgh in north Northumberland for nearly 40 years. He has always shown a passionate interest in birds, and maintains a series of hides, special habitats and feeding points for wild birds around Newlands Farm. By good fortune he farms in an area which not only has especially strong wild bird populations, but is also renowned as a staging area for passage migrants. Bamburgh is only two miles from the world famous Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve and Budle Bay RAMSAR site.

During this time he has learned a considerable amount about techniques that can be used to encourage wild birds. He has developed a cereal based feed called Peckers Wild Bird Mix, which gives maximum benefit to native birds while offering excellent value for money.

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