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Bird Watching Hides & Cabins
Spindlestone Farm,

  Bird Seeds, Bird Feeders & Nest Boxes from Bamburgh Country Products
Bird Watching Hides
Enjoy bird watching (and the wildlife & fauna)
from hides on the farms
at Bamburgh, Northumberland

If you are staying in the Bamburgh area, you would be welcome to use our bird watching cabins on Spindlestone Farm, which is 2 miles inland from Bamburgh. These were built in the mid '80s beside ponds, and have been very successful. They are managed with the help of the North Northumberland Bird Club.

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  One of the bird cabins at Spindlestone Farm beside a recently restored pond
  One of the bird cabins (centre, in the shade) at Spindlestone Farm beside a recently restored pond. The pond has recently become home to a pair of 'golden eye'.
A list of the birds and wildlife that have been seen on the farms over the last 20 years is below:
    (See also our Links of Interest for more area wildlife information)
    Species     Comments
  Great Tit   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Blue Tit   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Willow Tit*   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Marsh Tit*   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Coal Tit   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Longtailed Tit   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Chaffinch   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Goldfinch   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Greenfinch   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Bullfinch*   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Crossbill   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Siskin   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Linnet*   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Chiff-chaff   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Whinchat   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Yellowhammer*   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Willow Warbler*   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Blackcap   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Whitethroat   Seen at Spindlestone & elsewhere
  Robin   Frequent breeders
  Wren   Frequent breeders
  Dunnock*   Frequent breeders
  House Sparrow*   Frequent breeders
  Tree Sparrow*   Flocks at Bamburgh
  Blackbird*   Frequent
  Brambling   Seasonal
  Fieldfare   Seasonal
  Redwing   Seasonal
  Redstart   Seasonal
  Mistlethrush*   Common
  Song Thrush*   Common
  Ring Ouzel   Occasional - Bamburgh
  Tawny Owl   Breeds Spindlestone. Bamburgh, Newlands
  Barn Owl   Breeds Spindlestone
  Peregrine Falcon   Occasional - Bamburgh
  Short Eared Owl   Bamburgh - especially dunes
  Little Owl   Bamburgh & Newlands
  Common Buzzard   Very unusual 5 years ago - now often seen particularly at west side.
  Hen Harrier  
  Merlin   Heard by Phil Davey at Warenton Far Moor. Also occasionally Spindlestone.
  Lapwing*   Very numerous, particularly at Bamburgh.
  Golden Plover   Autumn, esp Bamburgh
  Wood Pigeon    
  Collared Dove    
  Feral Pigeon    
  Stock Dove*    
  Grey Headed Crow   Autumn - Bamburgh
  Carrion Crow   Over supply
  Starling*   Frequent breeder
  Spotted Flycatcher*   Frequent breeder
  Skylark*   Bamburgh especially
  Wheatear   Bamburgh especially - frequent
  Species   Comments
  Greater Black Backed Gull    
  Lesser Black Backed Gull    
  Herring Gull    
  Common Gull    
  Fulmar Petrel   Nest at Bamburgh Castle & Brada Quarry.
  Black Headed Gull    
  Greylag Goose   Grazing - winter - Newlands & Spindlestone
  Pinkfoot Goose   Grazing - winter - Newlands & Spindlestone
  Whimbrel   Rare
  Redshank   Grazed fields at Bamburgh
  Curlew   Flock of up to 50 at Bamburgh - seasonal.
  Oyster Catcher   Successfully reared on setaside at Newlands in 2000.
  Mallard   Winter - up to 120 on Spindlestone ponds
  Tufted Duck   Occasional breeders - Newlands & Spindlestone
  Shellduck   Currently nesting at Newlands
  Goldeneye   Sometimes resident on Spindlestone ponds.
  Coot   Breeds Newlands, visits Spindlestone
  Grey Heron   Frequent - Spindlestone/Newlands
  Dipper   Spindlestone
  Cormorant   Newlands pond
  Little Grebe*   Spindlestone
  Kingfisher   Spindlestone
  Tree Creeper   Frequent
  Grey Wagtail*    
  Nuthatch   Occasional - Spindlestone
  Pied Wagtail*    
  Swift   Breeds Newlands
  Swallow   Frequent breeders
  Cuckoo*   Frequent breeders
  Martin   Frequent breeders
  Woodcock*   Esp. Spindlestone
  Common Snipe   Bamburgh/Warenton
  Red Legged Partridge    
  Grey Partridge   Quite strong population at Bamburgh.
  Jack Snipe   Warenton
  Quail   Passage migrant
  Green Woodpecker   Spindlestone
  Greater Spotted Woodpecker*   Spindlestone/Newlands
  Golden Eagle   Passage Migrant - Spindlestone
  Rough Legged Buzzard   Passage Migrant - Bamburgh
  European Crane   Passage Migrant - Bamburgh
  Corncrake   Passage Migrant - Bamburgh
  Red Grouse   Not seen but immediately adjacent to Warenton
  Black Grouse   Not seen but immediately adjacent to Warenton
     Species      Comments
  Smooth Newt   Spindlestone/Newlands

Great Crested Newt

  Significant colony at Spindlestone.
  Toad   Spindlestone/Newlands
  Palmate Newt   Spindlestone/Newlands
  Frog   Spindlestone/Newlands
  Roe Deer   Usually 10-15 at Newlands/Warenton & at least 5 each at Bamburgh & Spindlestone
  Fallow Deer   Occasional escapers from Chillingham at Newlands & Warenton..
  Red Fox    
  Otter   Frequent signsNewlands & Spindlestone
  Red Squirrel   Seen occasionally at Spindlestone and at Newlands - usually towards west side.
  Hare   Frequent on all farms
  Rabbit   Not numerous except on small areas
  Mink   Diminishing
  Badger   Very frequent & becoming more so
  Pippistrelle   Spindlestone - Waren Burn.
  Whiskered   Spindlestone - Waren Burn
  Daubenton's   Spindlestone - Waren Burn
  Noctule's   Spindlestone - Waren Burn
  Adder   Esp. Spindlestone
  Grass Snake   Rare
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