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Wild bird seeds, feeders & nest boxes for your garden
Bamburgh Country Products,
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  Bird Seeds, Bird Feeders & Nest Boxes from Bamburgh Country Products
Peckers Wild Bird Mix Peckers
Bird Seeds
Sunflower & wheat mix with seperate supply of oyster grit
calcium supplement for the widest range of birds.


Peckers Wild Bird SeedsBased around sunflowers and wheat, this is the blend that he has found most popular on the farm, appeals to the widest number of species and leaves least waste. It uses local ingredients as far as possible - around half are actually produced on or around the farm and well over 90% from the north of England. The only imported product amongst 6 main ingredients is a small amount of niger thistle seed to encourage finches. Apart from this (which makes up less than 5% of the mix) all the ingredients are grown with full traceability under Assurance Schemes (SQC & ACCS), giving us confidence in their quality & provenance.

Peckers Wild Bird Seeds
Oyster Grit

The mix is ideal for ground feeding, table feeding and some types of hanging feeders. It is packed in resealable buckets for ease of storage in the home. These also minimise risk of spoilage or spillage - or of damage from vermin (mice do love sunflower seeds).

Included is a small bag of oyster grit. It is thought that many wild birds benefit from a supply of calcium which they can get from the grit, although it will disappear less quickly than the seed and so is included separately to be added at the customers discretion.

Whilst most birds are great opportunists and will eat what they Greenfinchcan, we believe that it makes sense to use seed types that occur naturally in the United Kingdom as far as possible. This is one reason why - although popular with many species - we would not recommend feeding with peanuts (the other being the risk of aflatoxin poisoning which can occur with peanuts).


We can also supply peanuts or any of our individual bird mix ingredients
by the bucket.
Please ring or email to discuss.

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